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– The KuCoin Shares Token (KCS) – is the crypto currency of the KuCoin Shares Exchange. It is not just a tradable token. Holding the token while trading on the exchange with different crypto currencies has several advantages. The KCS token pays the owner a dividend every day and reduces trading fees.

KuCoin Shares – What is this crypto currency?
Who is behind the stock exchange & crypto currency?
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KuCoin Shares – What is this crypto currency?
The token is a crypto currency that is mainly used on the Hong Kong Exchange KuCoin Shares. The primary function of the token is to be held in the Wallet by users of the Exchange. Users receive a discount on trading fees and receive daily dividends in the form of crypto currencies. The amount of the dividend depends on how many tokens the owner holds in the wallet.

Bitcoin Trader and a new wallet

The dividend consists of the Bitcoin Trader fees incurred on daily purchases and sales on the Exchange. Whenever someone pays fees on the exchange, they are redistributed to the token owners. The fees are payable on all exchange pairs (of which there is a lot on the exchange). Depending on what is traded on the stock exchange, the next day you will notice that you have received a few coins from all of them. You do not receive the dividend in the KCS crypto currency or always in Bitcoins, but a part of the actually traded coin.
Besides well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ether, the fees also apply to coins like Dragonchain and other, much less known crypto currencies. The proportion of fees that can be received as dividends depends on the amount of KCS tokens in the wallet. In total, 50% of the total fees incurred on the Exchange are distributed to the users every day. The more people trade with each other on the exchange, the more fees are paid and the more dividends are paid out to KCS token holders.
Token owners also get a discount when trading on the exchange. The discount is on the fees, so the fees for exchanging crypto currencies are reduced. 100 tokens correspond to a discount of 0.1%, 1000 tokens to a discount of 1%. The maximum is 30%.
The stock exchange aims to become one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. It wants to achieve this not only with its own token, which should offer its users various bonuses, but also with a large selection of Altcoins, low fees, a user-friendly interface and its own KuCoin Shares App.

There are currently 180,000,000 KCS tokens, of which about 90,000,000 are in circulation. In the beginning, there were 200 million tokens. The company has decided to buy back tokens and then burn them until the fixed amount of 100 million tokens is reached. Of onlinebetrug.net the original 200 million, 70 million went to permanent founders, 30 million to industry stars and fishing investors and the rest to stock market users.

KuCoin Shares – Who is behind the stock exchange & crypto currency?
Responsible for the development is Michael Gam, founder and head of the crypto currency and stock exchange. Previously, he was employed by Ant Financial, which is associated with the Chinese Alibaba Group. And he worked with Internet celebrities like MikeCRM and KF5.com. The manager is Eric Don. He has worked for IT companies such as Youling, KITEME and REINOT.